11th District and Illinois Issues

Fiscal Responsibility

In this time of economic crisis, Ann is committed to making the tough decisions necessary to get us back on track by cutting spending and streamlining programs wherever we can. She has and will continue to prioritize funding for education and the most critical human services, as well as paying down our debt.

Quality Education

Ann strongly advocates maximizing funding for education and putting as much money as we can into the classroom. Ann knows that strong schools make strong communities – and vice versa.

A Healthy Environment

Ann understands that protecting our environment must be a top priority, and believes economic development and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.

Access to Healthcare

Ann is committed to ensuring all Illinoisans have access to the best quality healthcare possible – without unreasonable restrictions and costs.

Protecting Consumers

As an Assistant Attorney General, Ann was at the forefront of working to protect consumers' rights. She has continued to be an advocate on behalf of consumers in the General Assembly - and will keep fighting for us.

Creating and Retaining Jobs

Improving the climate for businesses large and small in Illinois is a top priority, and Ann supports long term, practical solutions to ensure we create and keep jobs here.

Safe Communities

Ann knows that few things are as important as being safe in our own communities. She supports common sense policies to keep guns off the streets and address violence on our streets.

LGBT Equality

Ann believes all of us deserve equal protection and access to benefits, regardless of sexual orientation. Ann strongly supports and will work toward full marriage equality on behalf of all the families in the 11th District.

Protecting Reproductive Choice

Ann is absolutely committed to preserving every woman's access to reproductive heath services, and will work against any attempt to limit or restrict this right.

Watching Out For Seniors

Ann supports policies and legislation to make sure that our seniors have the tools and resources to enjoy safe, productive, healthy lives. She supports keeping the resources in place to allow seniors to stay in their own homes and communities.

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